ERP Solutions


ERP- Enterprise Resource Planning
Here at Rockline , we focus on designing the ERP Solutions for your business. With a resourceful designing panel, Rockline extends its services of creating dominant and vibrant ERP solutions in different domain to cater the needs of big as well as small enterprises.

OUR ERP Solutions help you in forecasting and scheduling the resources of all kinds of businesses. Our organization particularly designs the ERP software to supply the robust solutions to a business about mounting its output in all the divisions through appropriate reserve management.
The model of most ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems can be described in the following way: the data on the company’s activity gets into the single database based on which the program makes various reports, forecasts, diagrams, etc. The ERP system simplifies and speeds up the performance of routine work, reduces the risk of misprints during the data entry, increases productivity in general. The main objective is to reduce paper work and to automate the entire business system; In return you will get work efficiency at your work place.
Unfortunately, the ERP software development doesn’t meet customer’s needs all the time. The reason can be the following: the ERP system development was trusted to low qualified specialists, as a result, the developed system can have big defects and failures. Very often it’s so complicated that the company has to get rid of its usage.
Main reasons for unsuccessful ERP system implementation:

  • Mismatch between ERP Solutions & Goals:-The system was designed without taking into account the company’s long term goals. The wrong designing can lead to big financial expenses as well as the necessity to redesign the system in the nearest future. During the ERP software development it’s necessary to foresee the company’s activities in the next three years.
  • Excessive business process re-engineering. Re-engineering is creation of principally new effective business processes in management that the company didn’t have before. There are two extremes in this situation: some companies agree to re-engineering of all company’s business processes and their subordination to the requirements of the chosen system or insist on keeping the existing way of performance and the principal reconstruction of the chosen system. Both variants have negative points to consider. The best solution is to find the correct normal balance between business process re-engineering and system modification.
  • Wrong assessment of Infrastructure tools:-The development of the ERP system requires big expenses for general automation. It includes: computers, servers, licenses, network equipment, consultation services, etc. Thus, it’s necessary to correlate the expenses for the automation of various business processes with the final results of the project, otherwise, there’s a risk the expenses won’t be paid off. In order not to have excessive expenses, the company needs to analyze the economic effectiveness of each element of the ERP system already at the stage of development of its concept.

What feature you find in our ERP Solutions:-

  • Integrate department activities:-

Latest management research has proved that sharing of information and collaboration among employees significantly improves the productivity and bottom line. Our ERP software solutions can help you to share information between various departments/functions and let them collaborate better and help all of them move towards the common organizational goals. Our web based ERP software is controlled by restrictions and access rights. So you can decide on “who-sees-what” and “who-does-what”

Improve Productivity and Quality

By using our web based ERP software you will be able to achieve integration of different business processes across various Business functions in your organization. This helps to improve the speed and accuracy of business transactions and increase productivity.

Manage multiple locations at a single point

We design architecture system in such a way where no need to deploy system on the individual User’s machines. This helps internet based ERP software to be accessed over internet or any other form of connectivity from multiple locations even with low-bandwidth connectivity.

Report Generation System

Decision making plays key role in business management. At the end of the day, your business is what decisions you take at the beginning of the day.

We provide a mechanism where you get actual data entered into the system which helps to analysis your business process and provide useful insight.

Maintain Statutory Compliance

We have given provision to maintain statutory compliance in our system. As business matures, the processes become complex and companies have to maintain compliance with rules and regulations of the land. We design solutions while taking caring of all statutory & non statutory compliances in mind.