Staffing Solutions


Staffing Solutions:
Resource – A pillar of any organization . Rockline has been in the business of People Consulting and Services since last five years. We are actively engaged in consulting top-notch companies and providing them with Staffing Solutions and HR Services. Through our work, we make a positive impact in the lives of our clients, our partners and our workforce. We server technical as well as non technical domain.
For any Organization, They have to face some Human Resources challenges like
Is he the right person for this job?
Can he perceive the company’s goals the way I do?
 Will he deliver up to the company’s expectation?
Any company success is totally depending upon the answer of this entire question. Here Rockline comes into the picture and Provide you an optimal solutions to ensure to overcome all such challenges. We adopt a systematic selection process to ensure the Right candidate at Right place at Right Time. Thus in this way our staffing solutions are proactive, widespread and result-oriented. To map the competency on different platform is the key of any sourcing strategies for that we do gap analysis and maintain the balance between the demand and supply of the resources at any given point of time while considering all external as well as external factors and provide talent pool for various positions and fulfil our client’s needs.

Staffing Solutions:
Permanent Staffing Solution: – We provide resources to the organization on permanent bases, where employee will be the key of our clients. We match the technical as well as Non technical skill set required for a particular position and Use Recruitment strategies as per situation/time availability.

Different sector cater by Rockline

Technological skillet we work

 Contract Staffing Solution: – Where resources will be the key of Rockline and work for our clients. For this we implement various HR strategies to make employees best out of the fit. We provide Resources for some specific period of time especially for some stages like new project implementation, scaling up of team sizes for hiring junior & middle level management. This approach helps our client to save their valuable time and cost as compared to other means of sourcing.

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