Cloud Services


Cloud computing is changing the way that schools operate, moving away from locally installed tools and resources and utilizing the power of the internet. Not only can the cloud help schools to deliver and manage lessons, it can also help you to manage your infrastructure, provide secure off-site back up and enable you to communicate and collaborate like never before.

Storage and Back-up

We offer a secure, automated online disk-to-disk backup and recovery solution from Rockline-ISP. Fully customizable and seamlessly scalable, it accommodates multiple users running various operating systems on desktops, notebooks and servers alike. Rockline-ISP Online Backup is a uniquely designed for network efficiency with centralized management, policy-based control and simplicity of use.

Productivity tools

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we can provide and support the full range of Microsoft products and cloud services including Office 365 for Education. Bringing together a range of cloud-based communication, collaboration and productivity tools, and this powerful suite is ideally suited to schools who want to move away from locally-installed office applications.

Educational software

Through its strategic partnerships, Rockline can provide a powerful and unique cloud-based software library that gives schools access to a vast range of titles from a range of content providers. Cloud-pointing technology is used to deliver exciting animation and multimedia to any learning device via the web.

Remote Network Management and Support

Our CentraStage remote monitoring and support service links your business-critical system to our Head Office so that in the event of a system problem, our engineers can quickly log into your servers and user machines in order to diagnose and resolve the issue at hand. This saves potentially large amounts of wasted time where engineers have to fight through traffic to get to your site only to find that the issue could have been resolved remotely.

Secure remote support includes:

  • Remote software installation, deployment, patching and management
  • Remote installation and management of anti-virus
  • Remote user account management: account creation and password reset
  • Remote management of wireless networks
  • Remote management of managed networks ie managed switches
  • Remote management of internet filtering
  • Remote management of printers

We can also provide proactive remote monitoring of every device across a school’s IT estate, regardless of where the device is, and who it belongs to. This enables us to:

  • Monitor performance, from low disk space to CPU, memory and status
  • Be alerted to hardware or software changes
  • Monitor business critical services and processes
  • Scan event logs for critical errors
  • Check up on backups and security status
  • Create custom monitors for ad hoc requirements
  • Get automatic notification if a server (or any device which is selected as a key device for monitoring) goes offline or develops a fault

Our monitoring and support service provides various levels of user controls:

  • If we need to access a school server, users at the school can continue to access files etc on the server while we carry out remote troubleshooting.
  • If the troubleshooting is required on a user machine, Privacy mode enables clients to decline our connection request if it is inconvenient at that time.
  • The school can always ask for current work to take priority over troubleshooting.

In addition, remote asset management reliably, efficiently and automatically takes care of tracking your school’s hardware and software assets, no matter where the devices are located. This includes:

  • Agent-based technology, for on-LAN and off-LAN asset management and tracking
  • Automated asset audits every 24 hours or on demand
  • Software versioning and license management